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Detergent, washing clothes can only be used

Life does have a lot of people to washing powder when the "universal cleaner" to use, in addition to clothes, but also brought the washing fruits, vegetables, dishes, scrub the furniture, flooring, believes it has decontamination, disinfection and sterilization effect. As everyone knows, this may lead to detergent into the body. Experts remind that, even if the amount of detergent into the body is very small, can cause poisoning.
People's Hospital of Wuhan University associate professor of dermatology, said Jiang Zhengyi, after long-term direct skin contact with alkaline detergent, acidic environment of the skin surface will be destroyed, which inhibits growth of the bacteria will disappear easily cause skin itching and even cause allergies dermatitis and other symptoms or leave pigmentation on the skin. So do not wash hair with detergent or prolonged skin contact, if the hand wash clothes, preferably with soap.
People's Hospital of Wuhan University, Professor of Emergency 科魏 Jie introduced, they have repeatedly admissions swallowed detergent appear ill patients, mostly chest pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, vomiting and blood in the stool, and mouth and throat pain. Animal experiments also show that prolonged exposure to large doses of detergent can cause liver and neurological damage, and lead to cancer.

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