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Free detergent what?

It is a synthetic detergent washing powder, is essential household items. Detergent currently on the market mainly in the following three categories, each with distinct characteristics:
1. Ordinary washing powder and concentrated detergent
Ordinary washing powder, large and loose particles, dissolved quickly, the bubble is more abundant, but relatively weak detergency, easy to rinse, generally suitable for hand-washing; small concentrated detergent granules, high density, low foam, but strong detergency (at least twice the normal washing powder), easy to clean, water is generally suitable for machine washing.
2. phosphorus detergent and non-phosphorus detergent
Phosphorus detergent phosphate as the main additive, and phosphorus environment could easily lead to eutrophication, thereby undermining the water quality, pollution of the environment. No non-phosphorus detergent this shortcoming, in favor of environmental protection of water bodies. For the health of our environment, we recommend the use of phosphate-free detergent.
3. enzyme detergent washing powder and perfuming
Enzyme detergent washing powder is added enzymes, perfumed washing powder detergent is added flavor. Enzyme detergent for a particular soil (fruit juice, ink, blood, milk stains, gravy, milk, soy sauce stains, etc.) get rid of special features, but some of the specific enzyme can play a bactericidal, whitening, color gain Yan and so on. Perfuming detergent in the washing effect at the same time satisfy a sweet make clothes, people feel more comfortable.

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