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  • To introduce you to ten kinds of natural cleaning agent

    2015/06/25To introduce you to ten kinds of natural..

    The main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate baking soda, are edible alkali, strong detergency. With 60 grams of baking soda mixed with water 500 ml, soda made ready for use, and so on used to wipe the faucet and stove.

  • Cleaning Industry Analysis

    2015/06/25Cleaning Industry Analysis

    Cleaning supplies worldwide industrial production has been gradually formed a relatively complete industrial system since World War II, the number of 10 years, due to the rapid development of science and technology progress and petroleum, chemical industry and there is an urgent need for cleaning supplies, worldwide Cleaning supplies production to the rapid development. In Europe and other developed countries, improve the quality of cleaning has become part of people's lives. Clean technology and continuous improvement of the cleaning agent formulations also enhance its market space to provide the necessary conditions. According to statistics, the world has about 8000 suppliers of cleaning supplies, including Europe and Japan and other developed countries account for two-thirds of the ratio, its annual output value of over 50 billion yuan. China has about 4,000 domestic cleaning supplies manufacturers, distributors and agents. Industrial and commercial applications with end-user cleaning supplies reached 500 one million, which does not include the hundreds of millions of cleaning products used by the general public.

  • Classification of supplies have?

    2015/06/25Classification of supplies have?

    The detergent needed can be made powder, liquid and bulk form. Powdered laundry detergent that is synthetic detergent. Synthetic detergent formulation is the production of a very important aspect. Formulations, raw materials between the components The interaction is more complicated. yet complete theoretical basis to guide the formulation, mainly based on experiments and experience to decide. on a variety of factors to be considered when a comprehensive and integrated development of the recipe. First is to determine the laundry according to the use and production method Powder quality standards, including standards and the use of physical and chemical properties of the product.

  • Note the use of detergents

    2015/06/25Note the use of detergents

    Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, the use of multi-purpose cleaners, remember to bring gloves, open windows or turn on the fan ventilation, avoid excessive inhalation of the chemical particles;


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