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  • Free detergent what?

    2015/06/25Free detergent what?

    It is a synthetic detergent washing powder, is essential household items. Detergent currently on the market mainly in the following three categories, each with distinct characteristics:

  • Detergent, washing clothes can only be used

    2015/06/25Detergent, washing clothes can only be u..

    Life does have a lot of people to washing powder when the "universal cleaner" to use, in addition to clothes, but also brought the washing fruits, vegetables, dishes, scrub the furniture, flooring, believes it has decontamination, disinfection and sterilization effect. As everyone knows, this may lead to detergent into the body. Experts remind that, even if the amount of detergent into the body is very small, can cause poisoning.

  • Detergent, do not mix with disinfectant

    2015/06/25Detergent, do not mix with disinfectant

    After SARS, many housewives use detergent when washing clothes, like to add a little disinfectant. But the laundry Fa Qiaqia may make cleaning and sanitizing effects are greatly reduced.

  • Detergent, function as simple as possible

    2015/06/25Detergent, function as simple as possibl..

    Now a lot of detergent on the market to add some new components, with a more stronger washing function. These components include surfactants, builders, stabilizers, brighteners, fragrances and enzymes to achieve soluble, clean, soften, blister, prevent clothing static electricity purposes. But detergent added more substance to our health is not a good thing.


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