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  • Laundry excessive washing will affect the performance of it?

    2015/06/25Laundry excessive washing will affect th..

    Laundry excessive hinder spiral mixing, thereby affecting water quality. For best results, be sure to adjust the amount of laundry in the washing machine's ability to adapt. Level the washing machine according to the instructions in the manual and wash ability to achieve the desired

  • The phosphate detergent poisonous?

    2015/06/25The phosphate detergent poisonous?

    No. Phosphorus is life must matter, per capita annual consumption of about 700 grams of phosphorus from the diet, discharged 500 g of phosphorus, except for phosphate detergents, but also to use at home and abroad as a legal food additive.

  • Why washing clothes, washing powder with a wet hand, feel detergent fever (or burn hands)?

    2015/06/25Why washing clothes, washing powder with..

    There are a lot of washing powder substance, in the face of the hands of water dissolved in water, this process will emit heat, so hand washing powder will feel the heat, but it will not hurt the hand.

  • Detergent for washing clothes which do not fit what clothes to wash?

    2015/06/25Detergent for washing clothes which do n..

    Detergent for washing cotton, linen, chemical fiber and blended fabric, not suitable for washing wool, silk and other fabrics, mainly due to such fabrics containing protein, detergent is alkaline, can make protein denaturation, of wool, silk there some damage.

  • Bubbles and decontamination effect relationship?

    2015/06/25Bubbles and decontamination effect relat..

    Foam and not directly related to decontamination. For washing machine, the bubble will reduce the mechanical friction washing, thus affecting washing effect, but not easy to rinse, waste water, electricity, sewage increase resulting pollution of the environment.

  • What kind of stain?

    2015/06/25What kind of stain?

    Common types of stains can be divided into:Food and beverage stains: tea, coffee, red wine, fruits, sauces Containing protein / carbohydrate: blood, eggs, milk ;Fat / oil: oil skin, cooking oil / fat, sauces, mineral oils, waxes


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