Corporate Responsibility
Enterprise development and integration of social responsibility and environmental protection to enhance the strategic level, reflecting the long-term pursuit of music Timor and values. Adhering to the "health, conservation, environmental protection," the social values, since its inception, Wen Yue China to actively participate and support the environmental welfare, ongoing national health development plan.
"Environmental protection is to love yourself," Wen music has always been responsible for the consumer, environmentally responsible, all products are original scientific formulation of environmental protection, environmental protection and actively participate in social activities, for the construction of green homes offer force.
Wen Le responsibility as a competitive force, committed to the development of health, conservation, environmental protection products, responsible for the environment and consumers. For example in recent years invested heavily in research and development of new dual ion decontamination detergent, efficient decontamination, successfully led the development direction of the industry products.
Detergent choose natural pollution renewable raw materials is conducive to human health. Using low efficient production equipment, in the washing process done once soaked, rinsed twice, without much scrub, reduce water consumption, saving time and effort, the washing effect than similar synthetic detergent, washed clothes soft and beautiful , clean, like new, but also further conserve resources.
We know that, with a cavity sincere to return to the community, contributing to society, is an outstanding social responsibilities and obligations of enterprises, Wen music consistent pursuit.

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