Sustainable development
Noise Control
Wen music for detergent bottle filling line machine equipment used high noise insulation cover and insulation glass insulation; for strong noise sources such as wind Roots room, ask a professional environmental management program designed by the fan Room settings absorption top, insulation windows, sound-absorbing walls and other measures to make noise from the blower room 113dB (A) down to 95 dB (A), while outside the room Roots wind noise is also greatly reduced; on the shop floor Use soundproof windows and doors, installation of the exhaust system noise reduction equipment; use of low-noise machinery and equipment and to minimize friction, vibration, shock and change the air flow; in the factory area and factory wall edges reasonable green, but also effectively reduce the noise. By the environmental protection departments to monitor, factory noise to achieve "industrial enterprises factory noise standard" (GB12348-90) Class 2 standards.
Wastewater Treatment
Wen music has the industry's most advanced processing equipment smoke and dust handling equipment, SO2 and nicotinic acid production process is completely absorbed, the whole plant is in no smoke condition. Dust collector bag Timor music introduced, effective production process in a variety of solid detergent dust and suspended particles recovered. Exhaust gas mainly dust and hot air craft detergent factory produced stoves, boiler exhaust emissions of heavy oil boiler, washing powder dust exhaust gas using current high collection efficiency and safety of the bag filter for processing. By the environmental protection department, after the bag filter dust concentration reaches 1.3 mg / M3, far lower than in Guangdong Province "air pollutant discharge limits" (DB44 / 27-2001) second period two standard 120 mg / m3 requirements . Boiler exhaust gas from the hot stoves and heavy oil boilers, hot stove exhaust gas through detergent spray drying tower for drying washing powder in the slurry spray is absorbed a lot of SO2, NOX, SO2 concentration of exhaust emissions after 24.4 mg / Nm3. Heavy oil boiler exhaust the use of "electrostatic dust + caustic desulfurization" for processing, boiler flue gas after-treatment in air pollutants SO2, NOX, dust can reach the "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standard" (GB13271-2001) and Guangdong Province " emission limits of air pollutants "(DB44 / 27-2001) standards.
Gas dust control
Wen Yue detergent in the production process will produce large amounts of industrial waste, Wen Lok Group in strict accordance with the environmental standards of the plant's wastewater treatment by equipment investment and expertise. The company money in the construction of the most advanced in the industry, sewage treatment station, the application of the most advanced methods of chemical reagents and biological methods of running water, the sewage treatment problem solved. All our production wastewater and domestic sewage into the sewage treatment station for processing, sewage treatment using "materialization + biochemical" process technology, the environmental monitoring department monitoring the treated water pollutants can reach and surpass local standards in Guangdong Province "Water Pollution emission limits (DB44 / 26-2001) "in the level of standards, treated wastewater can be long-term stocking goldfish, qualified wastewater discharge rate of 100% after the company processing. The rational use of water resources in order to effectively control the total discharge of pollutants, the company set up to vice president in charge for the head of the relevant departments and the production plant is responsible for the human members of the technical innovation team, focusing on the liquid washing plant Hop wash plant wastewater reuse scheme produced a comprehensive demonstration, so filling machine detergent washing water, detergent ingredients pot washing water combined self-cleaning wash plant cooling water, wet water wash dust, dust pan spray water recycled ingredients use of process wastewater have been reasonable use of combined high-pressure pump wash plant cooling water, cooling water and low equipment density wastewater recycling exhaust fan cooling water, cooling water use stoves, or replaced with a high concentration of low concentration waste water recycling.
 Solid waste disposal
Wen Yue solid wastes including hot stove slag, sewage sludge, garbage and so on. Hot stove all slag sold to local building materials suppliers for supplies; sludge generated by sewage treatment station, belonging to general organic sewage sludge, dewatering and drying evacuation landfill disposal; garbage by the sanitation department treatment; laboratory reagent waste and discarded by qualified hazardous waste disposal to carry out the process, and the implementation of solid waste transfer manifest system; waste plastic barrels recovered from suppliers; other litter bins, waste bags were sold.

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