Development Vision
Xin Lei Electronics We want to build a successful and sustainable business
    Wen music has been set up worldwide a new vision, clear dictates of our long-term goals and direction, our vision includes the following four aspects:
Every day, we are committed to creating a better future.
    Our quality products and services, make people feel good, look good and get more out of life.
    We will inspire people: through subtle daily actions add up and change the world.
    We want to open up a new model, doubling the size of the company at the same time reducing our negative impact on the environment.
    Wen Yue convinced that we can lead our many brands to improve people's lives, while fulfilling our social responsibility. Wen music to build a successful and sustainable business. Global challenges we recognize that issues such as climate and also closely related to us. We must always consider their own impact on the environment, which is deeply rooted in the fundamental concept of music Timor, it is also reflected in our global vision.

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