Corporate Culture
Xin Lei Electronics
Honesty, innovation is the soul
All resource Timor Music Industry Companies from the community, survival and development is inseparable from society, Wen music competition provides opportunities and challenges, we have been through rigorous 侓 in the competition, hard work, pragmatic innovation, and provide consumers with a The most high quality products.
In the future, the Timorese Music Industry Company will continue to implement values ​​of life, to integrate themselves into the trend of social development, and provide the best cost performance products, promote and carry forward the advanced enterprise culture, to maximize economic and social benefits in enterprises bigger and stronger at the same time, for the community to create greater wealth for the progress of human society and make due contributions.
Wen Yue Industrial Company is all of our common home Timorese musicians, each of our employees live and work and realize the value of life rely on, the staff is the first capital of the enterprise is the source of strength for enterprise development.
Timor realize the value of employees is consistent pursuit Music Industry company, company employees to achieve self-worth to build a broad platform.
"Do a world-class Japanese enterprise" is a strategic goal, we need from all aspects of the start bit by bit, step by step implementation, but we need each Timorese musicians based job, work, innovation and hard work to achieve Timor Music Industry Company grand objective.

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